Wednesday, 9 May 2007

First-time donburi

Apparently donburi is a bowl of rice served with one or various toppings. Inspired by Cooking Cute, I decided to make my own donburi today. I didn't expect much but it came out quite nicely. The only thing is that I had a heap of dishes to wash afterwards.
The picture is from Cooking Cute website as my camera was playing up and I couldn't take a picture (:D honest, It's not because my dish is c**p). As I didn't have ground beef (or more precisely, I have to save the ground beef for the hubby's tea tonight) ;I replaced it with dried tofu sheet, which is similar in the way that it's another source of protein. The crispy texture of mange tout goes perfectly well with the soft scrambled egg and saute'd tofu. I also added sliced shitake mushrooms sauted in oyster sauce and soy sauce as I absolutely adore shitake mushrooms. After all, I topped it with a bit of gochujang (another confession, I am also addicted to gochujang) and mix everything together (steamed mange tout, shitake mushroom, scrambled egg and sauted tofu and of course, steaming hot rice.).
Hang on a minute, it tastes too similar to bibimbap. Now I'm confused, what is the difference between bibimbap and donburi then? Maybe I altered the recipe too much it has turned from Japanese food to Korean food with a Chinese twist. Or maybe I'm a novice cook after all and I can't tell the difference between Korean and Japanese food. Oh well, whatever, as long as it tastes nice, it's worth my effort.


simcooks said...

Er... " the ground beef for the hubby's tea tonight"?? Is tea = dinner in the UK? I thought supper = dinner?

tigerfish said...

I'm not good differentiating Jap and Korean too! I think bibimbap has more vegetables -sprouts, carrots, other greens (which I'm not sure what) etc. Donburi usually has a centerpiece -either beef, pork, chicken (in cutlets, or strips). I may not be right.

But both rice dishes usually ends up with an egg. *lol*

Hedgehog said...

Yich: I'm somewhat influenced by my hubby's expression i.e. breakfast = breakfast ; lunch = dinner and dinner = tea; supper is when he wants to eat something after tea :D confusing I know. I'm not even sure if anyone else say the same things lol
Tigerfish: thank Goodness I'm not the only one. You may be right on the bibimbap note. They taste pretty much similar to me though (since I mix gochujang with both). The egg is so important that I don't think it would be the same without it lol