Monday, 14 May 2007

Herbed chicken in cider

Not only yummy but also nutritious.
The chicken pieces are fried lightly in butter till golden, then mushrooms are thrown into the pot and it is then seasoned with salt, pepper, mixed herbs and simmered in chicken stock and cider for a good hour. Meanwhile, the rice grains are coated with vegetable oil and cooked with chicken stock in the normal method. Side veg i.e. seasonal asparagus spears are saute' in butter/olive oil and season with salt and pepper.
I love slow cooking method as all flavours and spices can incorporate into the food and it is more rewarding to eat something after waiting impatiently for a little while.
As usual, recipe will only be posted if a) I feel like it or b) somebody asks for it.
Also, due to a mini economic recession, the novice cook will have to plan her weekly meals ahead and there will limited trips to China Town supermarkets :sigh: Therefore in the next few weeks or so the food will be pretty basic (erhmm, actually the novice cook's foods have always been basic).Hopefully the novice cook will still find something interesting enough to write about:D


simcooks said...

Sometimes when I cook rice in stock using a rice cooker, the rice tends to be a bit burnt at the base, so I have to remove the rice cooker "pot" before the rice is fully cooked and then steam the rice until fully cooked. Do you have that problem?

Hedgehog said...

Oh I forgot to mention that I always cook rice in a pan (because my rice cooker 'electrocuted' me and I had to throw it away). Try cooking it on the hob next time to see if it improves, the only thing is you have to take care of the pot all the time :D

tigerfish said...

I cooked this before. I used cider juice. What cider did you use?
But lazy me dump the chicken, carrot, potatoes and onions into the slow cooker and let it braise in some cider juice.

I know your herbed chicken in cider is just going to be yummy :D

Hedgehog said...

Tigerfish: thanks :D, I use dry cider since the recipe I got said so. I don't have a slow cooker so I had to devote a hour and a half of my precious time looking after the pan :D