Wednesday, 2 May 2007


I initially wanted to use silken tofu, as inspired by Simcooks post on silken tofu with shallot oil. However, I couldn't find any silken tofu from the local supermarket so I had to make do with firm tofu. The end result tasted a bit like mapo tofu to me. The tip of seasoning the mince pork with cornstarch worked a treat. I never thought of it before but it actually enhances the taste an awful lot.
Thanks simcook for the yummy recipe :D


simcooks said...

Glad you enjoyed this :) The corn starch helps smoothen the minced meat... that's what mom says.

tigerfish said...

I need to be at an Asian grocer to get silken tofu. Usually the local supermarket in the US carries firm and extra firm tofu.

Hedgehog said...

I've seen silken tofu in health shops as well but I prefer buying it at Chinese supermarkets, the British ones only have firm and extra firm, it still works though.