Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Confession of a noodle addict

I am an Oriental so noodles and rice are my staple food. When I was at home my mum had this unspoken rule that we should save noodle dishes till the weekend and just eat rice during the week (Don't ask, I haven't got a clue why she did that). Anyway it may be the reason for my apparent obsession with noodles.
I cannot survive a week without noodles. When I don't eat noodles I feel irritated and short-tempered, basically I have to eat noodles at least twice a week to satisfy my craving.
Yesterday I decided to make banh canh cua. However, I couldn't find the particular type of noodles that I need for the dish. So I asked a friend and she said I could substitute it with udon noodles.
Anyway, long story cut short, the end-result was a bizarre concoction of noodles, crab meat, egg yolk, shitake mushroom and chinese leaves in a spicy curried broth.

It is definitely not what I had in mind but luckily it doesn't taste too bad.
So I've learnt a lesson in cooking: when in doubt, ask for the recipe before starting on a dish that you have absolutely no idea how to make.
I will try again one day.

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