Monday, 11 June 2007

Wonton soup

Somehow my wonton soup never tastes as good as my mum's. When I was small, I remember seeing my dad eating wonton with left-over rice and since I didn't have any egg noodles in the house today I decided to try wonton soup with rice. Yuk! It's truly horrible. I haven't got a clue how my dad seemed to enjoy it immensely. Maybe he was just very hungry. Thank God I only tried it with a bit of soup and thus managed to save the rest of the wonton soup :D
Wandering Chopsticks has a nice post on wontons which is worth a look if anyone is interested in making wontons.


tigerfish said...

What happened for you to say it's horrible? I hv not made my own wontons before but my friend made some for me recently and they were delish!

Wandering Chopsticks said...

That's two recipes back to back. :)

Maybe your dad put rice in wonton soup like how some VNese put rice in canh chua? I personally prefer egg noodles with my wontons.

Hedgehog said...

Tigerfish: I guess I never like rice in soup so that's why it tasted horrible. I tried to make my own wontons once and the wonton wrappings were just too thick. That's why I prefer the store bought version, much easier to use.
Wandering Chopsticks: hehe thanks to you I don't have to buy Vietnamese cookbooks :D. I think you're right, my dad eats rice with soup like people eat rice with canh chua. Somehow rice just doesn't go with wonton soup though. Egg noodles are much better :D