Friday, 1 June 2007

Back to basic: Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

I feel like a student all over again. This is what I used to make at least 3 nights a week when I was a student. The plain and simple reason is because a) it is cheap and b) it is quick and most important of all, it is fool-proof.
Ingredients: (For 1)
75g pasta -cooked and drained
1-2 rashes of smoked bacon - chopped
1 onion- sliced thinly
5 button mushrooms - leave wholes or cut in halves
dry mixed herbs
grated Cheddar Cheese
Worcester 's sauce
chopped fresh parsley - reserve a few sprigs

1. Lightly fry the chopped bacon in a bit of olive oil until done. Set aside.
2. Heat a knob of butter +1tsp olive oil, stir in onion and mushrooms + 1tbsp water, season with salt + pepper + mixed herbs + chopped parsley, leave on medium heat for 5 minutes.
3. Stir in pasta and cooked bacon. Add a few splashes of Wostershire sauce.
4. Sprinkle grated Cheddar cheese, mix thoroughly.
5. Pour out on a plate, serve hot with a few sprigs of parsley for decoration.

So this is my entry for Presto Pasta Nights
. I know it's nothing fancy or elaborate but it is extremely handy if you're a student or if you are, like me, simply on a tight budget.


Ruth Daniels said...

Great post, nice to have you back at Presto Pasta Night.

I love cheap and easy pasta meals. There's nothing more satisfying. Thanks for sharing.

simcooks said...

Yummy! Bacon! You should put step(3) as: "Stir in pasta and cooked bacon with ALL the yummy bacon bits AND oil" Hee hee.

Hedgehog said...

Ruth: thanks :D Pasta is great because not only that it's cheap it's also filling and tasty.
Yich:hey, I don't know anyone who can resist bacon :D, I absolutely love smoked bacon.

Anonymous said...

That looks delicious! And relatively easy, which is KEY for me. Thanks for stopping by my site! I'll be back for more recipes. I can use all the help I can get!

Hedgehog said...

Halfmama: I'm glad you find it useful :D